Finca Montepedriza valdelacierva viñedo único de rioja

After an unusually dry autumn and winter, now is the time for traditional preventive treatments in the vineyard.

Finca Montepedriza valdelacierva viñedo único de rioja

Parcel name: Montepedriza

Vines: 86 years old

Grape variety: Garnacha

Soil type: Sandy loam with a generous covering of stones

Training system: Bush vines

Vine density: 3,000 plants/Ha

Altitude: 625 metres above sea level

Parcel size: 0.92 Ha

April rainfall: Historic average: 44.03 litres/m2; 2021: 5.9 litres/m2

April temperature: Historic average: 10.15ºC; 2021: 10.5ºC

April relative humidity: 62%

The rain that never arrives

April showers as the saying goes. But so far 2021 has been a dry year, with very low rainfall in winter and spring. In autumn and winter (from the end of leaf fall in 2020), we scarcely had 100 litres of rain, while so far this spring we’ve only seen 18 litres. Despite the dry conditions budbreak has been normal, and here in Montepedriza we’re already seeing shoots of between 5-10cm.

The battle against powdery mildew

 Alongside our grower José Luis, now is the best time to apply the first sulphur treatment for powdery mildew. It’s very important to time this to coincide with the first shoots appearing, because this is when the fungus, which has spent the winter in a vegetative state as mycelium inside the vine bud, begins to develop and produce conidias which, carried by the wind, can spread the disease to all of the plant.

Tender loving care

The Garnacha from the Montepedriza parcel is very special. That’s why we look after it so well at every stage and apply sulphur very carefully using a backpack sprayer. This helps keep the use of heavy machinery in the vineyard to a minimum and avoid compacting the soil. The only vehicle allowed in our Garnacha vineyard is the tractor which we use for tilling the soil, otherwise everything else is done manually. We’re so attached to this great vineyard of ours that wherever we can we like to get personally involved.

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