Old vines, vineyards reborn.


At our Viñedos y Bodegas Gormaz winery in Ribera del Duero in the province of Soria, history means something slightly different. What sets vineyards here apart is the age of the vines, their altitude and their soil, three factors which have turned this eastern end of Ribera del Duero in Soria into the home of very, very old pre-phylloxera vines….The wines we make here reflect all that Sorian richness and heritage which we are proud to have inherited.

At the same time, Bodegas Valdelacierva represents the vision of a winery searching for its own unique path, seeking out the best quality possible and an individual, highly personal approach to winemaking. It’s about working with vineyards in their natural raw state, untampered by any outside intervention which might modify its origin or character. In short, it’s about the Unique Vineyards category which really encapsulates how we make our most premium wines.

Beyond Single Vineyard, Unique Vineyards.


For us, the Unique Vineyard epithet reflects the character and personality of the estate, highlighting the influence of the different aspects which contribute to its terroir and the unique environment of the land. The result are wines with a soul, wines which manage to transmit the characteristics of their soil and climate and which have been created by expert hands which have found the way to give maximum expression to the vineyard and its potential.

For us, more than a winery Unique Vineyard is about understanding and interpreting the vineyard. By seeking out the typicity of each terroir we are able to differentiate one wine from the next. We make eco-friendly wines (which respect the land and environment they hail from), wines worthy of the most refined palates, in individually numbered, limited editions which are an object of desire and refinement.

Botella montepedrizaMontepedriza

Bush vines planted in 1935 at an altitud of 625 m. above the sea level.( North- South axis). Sandy loam with a generous covering of stones.

viñedo cantogordo

Botella cantogordoCantogordo

Bush vines planted in 1961 at an altitud of 530 m above sea level. South-West axis on a 5% slope. Sandy with patches of limestone from the bedrock wich is about 90 cm. below the surface.

viñedo cantogordo

valdelaciervaValdelacierva Edición Limitada

Tudelilla (Rioja Oriental) clay with a covering of pebbles.

viñedo cantogordo

Valdelacierva grano a granoValdelacierva Grano a Grano

Finca La Salmuera a very small plots of barely 0,5 hras.  where the vines are at least 65 years old. Sandy loam with a chalky limestone presence from the bedrock. East-West orientation.

viñedo cantogordo

valdelacierva garnachaValdelacierva Garnacha

50 years old vines planted in the lower area of Tudelilla. Clay with a surface layer of gravel.

viñedo cantogordo

Finca los arenales12 Linajes Finca los Arenales

19 very small plots (majuelos) planted more than 100 years ago, some with phylloxera vines (2,61 has. in total) in Miño de San Esteban (Soria). Sandy soil in a valley at 960 m. above  sea level.

viñedo cantogordo

12 Linajes grano a grano12 Linajes Grano a Grano

The vine comes from a single vineyard measuring 0,67 hra. in the area know as Valdelatiles, in the Atauta valley. Sandy loam texture which sand. The altitud is 910 above the sea level.

viñedo cantogordo

Anier vendimia seleccionadaAnier Vendimia Seleccionada

Old vines planted more than 100 years ago in Alcubilla del Marqués y Villálvaro at an altitude of 920 above sea level.

Harvest in our Unique Vineyards

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