The Group

D.O.5 Hispanobodegas is a group of wineries which produces and distributes quality wines from the most emblematic Officially Certified Winegrowing Regions of our country: Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Rueda, which together represent about a 45% of the officially certified wine produced in Spain. The group is a 100% Spanish property and it is formed for a set of three wineries: Bodegas Valdelacierva (Rioja), Bodegas Gormaz (Ribera del Duero) and Bodegas Garci Grande (Rueda). Moreover, it also has its own distribution network in México, USA and China.

Overall, the group guarantees a flexible portfolio and it is able to react quickly in production, logistics and customer service.


    Respect for the wine, for its origin.

    3 main principles carefully analyzed which define the base of the group philosophy:

    • Absolut respect for the vineyard as origin and main base of the wine.
    • The application of the newest technology but respecting the tradition and the know-how of our technicians and our team.
    • Careful selection of the barrels with the purpose of getting vintages, which respect the quality of the grape and the projected wines.




      The quality in our wines is based on the rigorous control of the making processes, from the raw material until the finished product is on the consumer hands, as well as in the continuous upgrade of the fermentation and aging processes. For the same purpose, all of the wineries of the group have the most demanding certifies of quality and food safety (ISO, BRC, IFS).

      Our quality customer service guarantees and satisfies customer´ needs with our wines offer and always giving quick and effective solutions through our service and attention.

      The quality of the management of our work teams, being close and specialized in the different markets, areas or distribution channels at the national and the international level. Moreover, our Marketing, Purchase, Quality, Management and Customer Service departments also give support.


      Our commitment with our work, team and customers to establish a solid foundation of work and cooperation. Be different and add value to our wines and make the maximum effort to transmit this vale in everything we make. Improve and serve our customers and consumers with the maximum quality levels of all our products and services.


      Calle la Rábida
      27, Madrid, España

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