Another crack at the fungi

June is a vital month for the proper development of the plant, and now is the time when we need to slip our boots on every day and pace every inch of our Garnacha vineyard. We begin the month with a second phytosanitary treatment to stop possible fungal diseases like mildew or powdery mildew. As always, in our coveted Montepedriza Garnacha we only use sulphur and copper: a 100% organic approach for one of our top vineyard plots.

Farewell, secondary  shoots

During the second week of the month we begin the arduous but important task of trimming the vines, which consists of eliminating all those secondary shoots which could compete with the fruit-bearing shoots, or encourage an unwanted microclimate around the grape bunches (in terms of a lack of ventilation and increased humidity) which, in turn, might encourage disease or an uneven and incomplete ripening of the fruit.

All work and no play…

 It’s our favourite moment for various reasons. The weather is perfect for enjoying the vineyard; the flowering of the vines makes for an explosion of colour and aromas; we begin to get the first glimpse of what our harvest will look like…and above all we get a reward for a job well done: the barbecue in the vineyard with our Montepedriza Garnacha 2018. What more could we ask for? What’s more, in this very dry year June has seen a bit more rain, which will help us better manage the next stages of flowering and fruit set.


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