Bodegas Valdelacierva presents Valdelacierva Crianza 2016 5! Renques, the new image of the flagship wine of the winery. This new project is the result of the hard work of transmitting and teaching what Bodegas Valdelacierva is: a winery for working that has its roots in the countryside, the vineyard and in that traditional tilling that is still used in Rioja.

The new Valdelacierva Crianza label represents a very traditional term in Rioja: Renques, which are the rows of vines that form the vineyards on an estate. The set of Renques and the number 5, together with the strains and production, give us the total bottles of this aging.

With this new addition, the wines from Valdelacierva continue to work on the brand’s approach, which unites all the elements that define it under the same quality concept: the land, the cultivation, the vineyard and the value. With the launch of the new image of this wine, Bodegas Valdelacierva closes the family of wines: Valdelacierva rosé; Valdelacierva reserva, Valdelacierva reserva limited edition and two singular vineyard: Valdelacierva garnacha and Valdelacierva grano a grano.

Valdelacierva Crianza 5! Renques, the details

Bodegas Valdelacierva has managed a symbiosis between land and design, which results in the concept 5! Renques. In maths, 5! It is a factorial function that leads us to multiply 5x4x3x2x1 = 120, number of renques that we have in the estates of this crianza. This, together with the average of strains and their production, gives us the total bottles of the 2016 harvest of Valdelacierva Crianza.

The label shows a simple and elegant line, but at the same time gives and informal and remarkable image, where we find the brand in the first place and a discreet 5! Renques, accompanied by a detailed representation of them, and the variety of wine “Solo Tempranillo”. Valdelacierva Crianza closes its image with soft lines where it gives prominence to the Denomination of Origin and the harvest. The perfect balance is achieved with the red capsule of short format or “cap” that leaves the quality of its natural cork.

As everything coming the land, the new image of Valdelacierva Crianza has a meaning of value, authenticity and the DNA of the winery.

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