• The soils of the Ribera del Duero soriana acquire prominence in the new image of Viña Gormaz

    Viña Gormaz, one of the brands part of the Viñedos y Bodegas Gormaz family, from Ribera del Duero, launches a new image that represents two significant differences in the province of  Soria, which are the altitude and the composition of the soil.  With this change, the winery highlights the differential value of the territory by indicating the differences in comparison with other zones: the altitude of the vineyards, the typicity and the composition of the soils, as well as the traditional working production in the land based on the age and the cultivation characteristics of the vineyards.

    At the essence of respect, the rythym and the life cycles that the nature gives are essential in the production of Viña Gormaz. Those reinforce a solid image of the dedication to the vineyard and the production of the wines to keep them loyal to the terroir. In this new design, the interpretation of the stratums of the soil plays a very important and main role. Through icons assigned to each type of soil, Viña Gormaz expresses a set of textures and sizes that identify each wine with the different types of terroir they are composed.

    In this way, in a dare and minimalistic design, sandy soils, clay, and pebbles textures are mixed in order to represent in the label the mix of soils from Soria. The concept of the terroir is valued in Viña Gormaz with the identity, character and expression of the main variety, Tinta el País (Tempranillo) in this area.

    Viña Gormaz, the details of the label

    The new labels of Viña Gormaz Young, Roble, Crianza and Verdejo have in common a design in relief, which trough the sense of touch emphasizes the characteristics of the soils of the vineyards where they come from. The Young is distinguished by sand and silt, which reflect the character of the tempranillo expressed in the terroir. The Roble, thanks to the mixture of clay and sand with a low amount of silt is the ideal combination for the development of the vineyard with this variety.  The elegance and structure of the Crianza is reflected in a black background which highlights the sum of sand, clay, rolling stones, minerals and multiple factors that enhance the aromas and the character of this Tempranillo with very low yields.

    The Viña Gormaz family is completed with a white wine from D.O. Rueda produced by Bodegas GarciGrande (also part of Hispanobodegas). The image is inspired by the characteristics of the Verdejo variety, as well as the composition of silt and clay bottoms soils that give rise to this fragrant wine with a varietal character typical from its area.

    About Viñedos y Bodegas Gormaz

    Founded in 1972 with a long track record in the region, Viñedos y Bodegas Gormaz is part of the founding group of 12 wine producers to receive an official Certificate of Origin in 1982. It is part of Soria, a province in Spain which is characterized by its Mediterranean-continental climate, extreme altitudes of 900m for grape cultivation, and a very particular rural environment. The winery currently has 232 hours. of vineyard distributed in more than 1,000 small farms grouped in about 70 plots. It is one of the longest living areas in the country, with an average age of 65 years, with 70% of the vineyard aged over 80 years. Viñedos y Bodegas Gormaz has the vegan certification (12 Linajes Reserva, 12 Linajes Finca los Arenales and 12 Linajes Grano a Grano). Moreover, the winery has limited edtition wines, which have been produced manually (12 Linajes Finca los Arenales y 12 Linajes Grano a Grano) and wines recognized worldwide such as 12 Linajes Reserva, which recently has received 93 points and “Editor’s Edition” by the American magazine Wine Enthusiast, or 12 Linajes Grano a Grano, which has received 93 points in the last edition of Peñín Guide.

    About Bodegas GarciGrande

    Founded in 1989, Bodegas GarciGrande is based on old wineries dating back to the XIV century and stands proud as a true reference of the good wines of the D.O. Rueda and passionate defender of the values ​​of the terroir. The height of its vineyards, between 700 and 800 m., Its continental climate and the composition of its soils rich in calcium and magnesium, stony, with very good aeration and drainage, constitute the first base on which the wines of this winery. Marked by the typicality of the Denomination of Origin to which it belongs, Bodegas GarciGrande develops these concepts from its own identity, without renouncing key aspects in the resulting quality of its wines such as night vintages, pressing control and application of the aging on lees at the end of the fermentation that contributes to achieving the unctuousness and persistence that distinguish wines “brand of the house”.

  • Garcigrande and Universidad de Valladolid

    Our winemaker and technical Director from Bodegas GarciGrande, Rubén Sanz Coca, has participated as spokeperson in the talk about the production of Rueda wines to the students of Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenierías Agrarias, Universidad de Valladolid.

    Thanks to the University and the Association of winemakers of Castilla y León, it is possible to organize this type of Master Class that aims to teach future sector professionals and to value the production and white wines of the Rueda Desnomination of Origin . Rubén, a great connoisseur of the behavior of the Verdejo variety of the DO, was able to teach the evolution of the main Rueda variety with different wines. GarciGrande, 12 Linajes and Anier are the white wines that the winery produces in Rueda.

  • 12 Linajes and Valdelacierva, the best wines of 2019

    The wines Valdelacierva Crianza 5! Renques from Bodegas Valdelacierva and 12 Linajes Grano a Grano from Viñedos y Bodegas Gormaz have been selected as one of the best wines of 2019 by the Spanish newspaper Expansión, Fuera de Serie.

    With a sophisticated and elegant image design, these tempranillo wines with vegan certification become the perfect gift for this Christmas.

    Valdelacieva Crianza 5! Renques is aged in French and American oak barrels, with an intense aroma and sweet attack.

    12 Linajes Grano a Grano is a limited edition wine which main peculiarity lies in its manual shelling, separating the scrape from the whole grains. If you want to surprise that person with a bottle of this spectacular wine, you will have to hurry because it only has 1,423 numerated bottles.


  • We are finalists!

    The image of Cúspide is finalist in the VID Design Award, which will take place on November 28th. after the celebration of the Wine Packaging Forum.

    The image of Cúspide Tempranillo, by Bodegas GarciGrande, has been created by the design studio Pablo Guerrero, together with the Marketing team of the winery, they captured the essence of this VTCyL wine: dedication, work, motivation and character, represented by the top of a mountain and a goat, an animal that is part of the fauna of the area. On the label, the brand is highlighted by an embossed font, followed by the grape variety. The elements that have made this image a success throughout the market have been the details on the goat and the watercolor effects on the mountain, creating a perfect triangle between design and the essence of the wine.

    For the winery, arriving at the Cúspide (Top) represents having a wine that is synonymous with his great passion and great work that involves a lot of patience in the production process.

  • ICA Group counts on 12 Linajes

    The almost 30 players who participated in the competition were able to enjoy a wonderful day with colleagues from the ICT sector.

    The ICA Group has held its first Golf Tournament this Thursday, October 10th., at the Barbaran Sports Center Golf Course. For this first event, it had 12 Linajes Reserva wines from the winery of Viñedos y Bodegas Gormaz de Ribera del Duero.

    For more than five hours, the 30 participating players were able to enjoy a magnificent day with colleagues from the company’s ICT sector. In the male modality, the First Classified was Luis Miguel Criado and the Second Classified, Julián Hernández Vigliano. As for the women’s classification, the winner was Beatriz Juliá.

    Once the Tournament was over, the General Director of Grupo ICA, Juan Carlos Narro, presented the awards ceremony and, subsequently, enjoyed a cocktail after an intense game day. In addition, all attendees received a bottle of 12 Linajes Reserva as thanks for their participation.

  • Harvest 2019- Ribera del Duero

    Grape harvesting began in Quintanilla de Tres Barrios, in a vineyard with old vines and which will yield the future 12 Linajes Grano a Grano.
    From the winery, they anticipate that the wine resulting from this vintage 2019 will have the classic Ribera personality. 
  • 12 Linajes Reserva y Valdelacierva Reserva, “land” in Spanish airports

    The wines 12 Linajes Reserva 2014 and Valdelacierva Reserva 2014, from Hispanobodegas, will be available from October in the Duty Free shops in the Spanish airports of the Peninsula and the Canary Islands. With this new project, the two wineries from Hispanobodegas are positioned within the ranking of the brands selected by the airports to represent Spanish wines in their Rioja (Valdelacierva) and Ribera del Duero (Viñedos y Bodegas Gormaz) categories. Furthermore, the project is very important for the Group and gives it the opportunity to have an international showcase in the airports with a big percent of capacity and visitors. Expanding value and exclusivity to travellers from all over the world, in addition to offering limited edition wines born form the terroir and old vines in the Ribera del Duero Soriana and Rioja regions, is a fantastic way to keep working on the value of the brand and the quality of the wines, says the Marketing Manager of the Group, Raquel Ruiz.

    Dufry is leader in the sale of high- end products at airports in Spain and it offers a unique shopping experience for national and international travellers who visit their shops wanting to find the most representative products of each country.

    About 12 Linajes Reserva 2014

    It is a wine from Viñedos y Bodegas Gormaz and the Denomination of Origin Ribera del Duero, born from a selection of plots with old strains of more than 80 years in Miño, Ines and Atauta and at an altitude of between 905 and 960 meters. The harvest is done manually, then the grape arrives to the winery, where the selection of the grape and its handmade production, ensured by the winemaker María José García, will begin. 25% of the newly finished wine performs its malolactic fermentation in French oak barrels. Wine aging is 24 months in new French oak (70%); American (15%) of one year and (15%) of two years with refinement in bottle for at least 18 months.With a complex nose, predominance of mineral notes in a background of cherry jam combined with a subtle blend of roasted and smoked background. Powerful palate but with a step of silky and well-balanced tannins that make up a final that feels fatty with mineral and candied aftertaste. 12 Linajes Reserva has an elegant image, sophisticated and with personality, while the wine is represented in gold, accompanied by rescued symbols of the 12 Linajes shields, seal of the wealth oh Soria’s history.

    About Valdelacierva Reserva 2014

    Valdelacierva Reserva, from Bodegas Valdelacierva, is synonym of elegance and sophistication and an image with the essence of the winekamer, Emma Villajos. With a limited production of 40.000 bottles, it is a unique Reserva. It was born in vineyards of more than 50 years old and produced from a manual harvest, it has an aging of 24 months in American and French oak barrels and an after aging in bottle for 12 months.  With an intense and complex nose, a moving cup is very harmonious with mineral notes typical of the terroir, dairy and ripe fruit due to its aging. The palate is sweet and wide on the entry. Its journey through the centre of the mouth is well structured and elegant. Its velvety and unctuous finish brings the dairy and mineral notes of its complex nose back.

    About Hispanobodegas

    It is a small winery Group which distributes quality wines from three of the most emblematic Denominations of Origins in Spain: Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Rueda, which together represent around 45% of the wine with Denomination of Origin in Spain. The Group is 100% Spanish property and its formed by Bodegas Valdelacierva (Rioja), Bodegas Gormaz (Ribera del Duero) and Bodegas GarciGrande (Rueda). What is more, the Group has its own distribution in Mexico, United States and China.

  • New image of Valdelacierva Crianza 2016 5! Renques

    Bodegas Valdelacierva presents Valdelacierva Crianza 2016 5! Renques, the new image of the flagship wine of the winery. This new project is the result of the hard work of transmitting and teaching what Bodegas Valdelacierva is: a winery for working that has its roots in the countryside, the vineyard and in that traditional tilling that is still used in Rioja.

    The new Valdelacierva Crianza label represents a very traditional term in Rioja: Renques, which are the rows of vines that form the vineyards on an estate. The set of Renques and the number 5, together with the strains and production, give us the total bottles of this aging.

    With this new addition, the wines from Valdelacierva continue to work on the brand’s approach, which unites all the elements that define it under the same quality concept: the land, the cultivation, the vineyard and the value. With the launch of the new image of this wine, Bodegas Valdelacierva closes the family of wines: Valdelacierva rosé; Valdelacierva reserva, Valdelacierva reserva limited edition and two singular vineyard: Valdelacierva garnacha and Valdelacierva grano a grano.

    Valdelacierva Crianza 5! Renques, the details

    Bodegas Valdelacierva has managed a symbiosis between land and design, which results in the concept 5! Renques. In maths, 5! It is a factorial function that leads us to multiply 5x4x3x2x1 = 120, number of renques that we have in the estates of this crianza. This, together with the average of strains and their production, gives us the total bottles of the 2016 harvest of Valdelacierva Crianza.

    The label shows a simple and elegant line, but at the same time gives and informal and remarkable image, where we find the brand in the first place and a discreet 5! Renques, accompanied by a detailed representation of them, and the variety of wine “Solo Tempranillo”. Valdelacierva Crianza closes its image with soft lines where it gives prominence to the Denomination of Origin and the harvest. The perfect balance is achieved with the red capsule of short format or “cap” that leaves the quality of its natural cork.

    As everything coming the land, the new image of Valdelacierva Crianza has a meaning of value, authenticity and the DNA of the winery.

  • Harvest 2019 has started in Rioja

    Vintage 2019 has begun for Bodegas Valdelacierva in Rioja. The singular vineyard in Baños de Ebro has been the first estate to be harvested by the winemaker, Emma Villajos. If everything continues like this, we expect a spectacular harvest and excellent wines.
  • Ladies of wine and gastronomy: Viñedos y Bodegas Gormaz

    In the publication, the award-winning winemaker recalls how she has managed to overcome the obstacles of her career and how she became with Viñedos y Bodegas Gormaz a reference in the Ribera del Duero Soriana. Quality, excellence and work are three words that she remembers day by day. She also comments the new project in the winery, which includes the construction of a unique space for the production of limited edition wines such as 12 Linajes Finca los Arenales and 12 Linajes Grano a Grano. María José García is in charge of producing exquisite wines from old and preiloxeric vines, such as the now famous 12 Linajes range, which has recently received vegan certification and has won international awards such as 93 points in Wine Enthusiast + Editor’s Choice for 12 Linajes Reserva or 95 points for 12 Linajes Finca los Arenales in the latest edition of Guía Peñín.

  • Ladies of wine and gastronomy: Bodegas Valdelacierva

    The publication Vinos y Restaurantes includes the young winemaker from Bodegas Valdelacierva (D.O.Ca Rioja) in the article “Ladies of wine and gastronomy”, which honors women who thanks to their vision and excellence in their work, have managed to change the Spanish landscape.

    Emma Villajos remembers how her passion for wine started as her philosophy based on Value and terroir. She also mentions the new investment projects in the winery and describes her dynamic nature that has led her to work with great professionals, including women and men.

    The wines of Bodegas Valdelacierva D.O.Ca. Rioja have managed to be, thanks to hard work, national and international awarded wines. This year alone, Valdelacierva Grano a Grano has been the Revelation wine 2019 and Valdelacierva Reserva, a tempranillo that in the first vintage has received 91 points in Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast, just to mention some of them . In addition, Valdelacierva Garnacha (Finca Montepedriza) and Valdelacierva Grano a Grano (Finca Canto Gordo) wines have recently entered the category of Singular Vineyard and all wines produced by this young, but very experienced winemaker, have received the certification of vegan wine .

  • Valdelacierva Grano a Grano and Valdelacierva Garnacha, Singular Vineyard

    Valdelacierva Grano a Grano and Valdelacierva Garnacha wines have entered into the exclusive “Singular Vineyard” club, the new and highest quality category of the D.O.Ca Rioja. The two Top wines from Bodegas Valdelacierva have been selected, along with a small number of other wines, thanks to the uniqueness of their production and origin.

    Valdelacierva Grano a Grano, Finca Cantogordo and Valdelacierva Garnacha, Finca Montepedriza are distinguished as exquisite and artisan wines thanks to its unique environment and limited production.

    With this new achievement, the winemaker Emma Villajos, alma mater of the winery, passionately follows the steps of her philosophy, based on producing wines with the highest quality and Value, always respecting the terroir and the firstborn elements that compose it.

    About the wines “Singular vineyard”

    Valdelacierva Grano a Grano, which was recently named as Revelation Wine 2019 by Vivir el Vino Magazine, was born in Finca Cantogordo in vineyards of over 35 years old and with a yield of just 1,600 kg / ha. The essential characteristic of this limited edition wine of just 1,077 bottles is its thorough production, since its grape has been grained manually, grain by grain, and an aging of 14 months in 500-liter French oak.

    Valdelacierva Garnacha, with a limited production of only 3,100 bottles, has been produced from a manual harvest in drawers at Finca Montepedriza in Tudelilla, in vineyards of over 75 years old and a yield of 2,500 kg / ha. The wine goes through a detailed work that involves 7 months of aging in 500-liter French oak.

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