Vinos de viñedos singulares
Valdelacierva Finca Montepedriza (produced with Grenache) and Valdelacierva Finca Cantogordo (produced with Tempranillo)  are going to be the Valdelacierva wines in this category.
What does it mean to be Singular Vineyard?
  1. Grapes coming exclusively from a plot or plots that constitute the (Singular vineyard) Viñedo Singular.
  2. Vinification, ageing, storage and bottling within the same winery.
  3. Minor geographical unit that can comprise a single or several cadastral plots.
  4. Minimum age of the vineyard: 35 years.
  5. Evidence, by means of any legally valid title, of having had the exclusive use of the production of the viñedo singular for a minimum period of 10 years without interruption.
  6. Maximum production: 5,000 kg/ha for red varieties and 6,922 kg/ha for white varieties.
  7. Maximum grape-to-wine ratio: 65%.
  8. Specific Grape Grower’s Card.
Growing practices
  1. The viñedo singular must be balanced and have limited vigour. During the grape ripening stage, canopy growth should cease completely.
    2. Only a single tipping is permitted.
    3. Harvested manually.
Documentary control
  1. Before the 30th. of June a statement of intention to make a Singular vineyard (Viñedo Singular) wine.
  2. Statement of amount of wine made.
  3. Specific classification
  4. Differentiated wine movement.
  5. Differentiated back label.
Physical control
  1. Traceability.
  2. Specific production controls in all vineyards from 1 July to harvest, production changes not being allowed later.
  3. Canopy development controls.
  4. Specific wine stocks.
  5. Specific classification on the verification.
  6. Control of wine movements.
  7. Control of labelling and use of back labels.
  8. Control of batches of approved wine. Excellent rating.
  9. Submission of report.
  10. Recognition of the ministry.
  11. Exclusivity.

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