• New image of Valdelacierva Crianza 2016 5! Renques

    Bodegas Valdelacierva presents Valdelacierva Crianza 2016 5! Renques, the new image of the flagship wine of the winery. This new project is the result of the hard work of transmitting and teaching what Bodegas Valdelacierva is: a winery for working that has its roots in the countryside, the vineyard and in that traditional tilling that is still used in Rioja.

    The new Valdelacierva Crianza label represents a very traditional term in Rioja: Renques, which are the rows of vines that form the vineyards on an estate. The set of Renques and the number 5, together with the strains and production, give us the total bottles of this aging.

    With this new addition, the wines from Valdelacierva continue to work on the brand’s approach, which unites all the elements that define it under the same quality concept: the land, the cultivation, the vineyard and the value. With the launch of the new image of this wine, Bodegas Valdelacierva closes the family of wines: Valdelacierva rosé; Valdelacierva reserva, Valdelacierva reserva limited edition and two singular vineyard: Valdelacierva garnacha and Valdelacierva grano a grano.

    Valdelacierva Crianza 5! Renques, the details

    Bodegas Valdelacierva has managed a symbiosis between land and design, which results in the concept 5! Renques. In maths, 5! It is a factorial function that leads us to multiply 5x4x3x2x1 = 120, number of renques that we have in the estates of this crianza. This, together with the average of strains and their production, gives us the total bottles of the 2016 harvest of Valdelacierva Crianza.

    The label shows a simple and elegant line, but at the same time gives and informal and remarkable image, where we find the brand in the first place and a discreet 5! Renques, accompanied by a detailed representation of them, and the variety of wine “Solo Tempranillo”. Valdelacierva Crianza closes its image with soft lines where it gives prominence to the Denomination of Origin and the harvest. The perfect balance is achieved with the red capsule of short format or “cap” that leaves the quality of its natural cork.

    As everything coming the land, the new image of Valdelacierva Crianza has a meaning of value, authenticity and the DNA of the winery.

  • Harvest 2019 has started in Rioja

    Vintage 2019 has begun for Bodegas Valdelacierva in Rioja. The singular vineyard in Baños de Ebro has been the first estate to be harvested by the winemaker, Emma Villajos. If everything continues like this, we expect a spectacular harvest and excellent wines.
  • Ladies of wine and gastronomy: Viñedos y Bodegas Gormaz

    In the publication, the award-winning winemaker recalls how she has managed to overcome the obstacles of her career and how she became with Viñedos y Bodegas Gormaz a reference in the Ribera del Duero Soriana. Quality, excellence and work are three words that she remembers day by day. She also comments the new project in the winery, which includes the construction of a unique space for the production of limited edition wines such as 12 Linajes Finca los Arenales and 12 Linajes Grano a Grano. María José García is in charge of producing exquisite wines from old and preiloxeric vines, such as the now famous 12 Linajes range, which has recently received vegan certification and has won international awards such as 93 points in Wine Enthusiast + Editor’s Choice for 12 Linajes Reserva or 95 points for 12 Linajes Finca los Arenales in the latest edition of Guía Peñín.

  • Ladies of wine and gastronomy: Bodegas Valdelacierva

    The publication Vinos y Restaurantes includes the young winemaker from Bodegas Valdelacierva (D.O.Ca Rioja) in the article “Ladies of wine and gastronomy”, which honors women who thanks to their vision and excellence in their work, have managed to change the Spanish landscape.

    Emma Villajos remembers how her passion for wine started as her philosophy based on Value and terroir. She also mentions the new investment projects in the winery and describes her dynamic nature that has led her to work with great professionals, including women and men.

    The wines of Bodegas Valdelacierva D.O.Ca. Rioja have managed to be, thanks to hard work, national and international awarded wines. This year alone, Valdelacierva Grano a Grano has been the Revelation wine 2019 and Valdelacierva Reserva, a tempranillo that in the first vintage has received 91 points in Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast, just to mention some of them . In addition, Valdelacierva Garnacha (Finca Montepedriza) and Valdelacierva Grano a Grano (Finca Canto Gordo) wines have recently entered the category of Singular Vineyard and all wines produced by this young, but very experienced winemaker, have received the certification of vegan wine .

  • Harvest 2019

    A few weeks ago, Emma Villajos, our Bodegas Valdelacierva winemaker, started at the vineyards, the control of the ripening of the grapes, in view of the coming 2019 harvest. After the recent pictures of the Grenache singular vineyard de Garnacha at Finca Montepedriza state, today we have travelled to Baños de Ebro in order to do an evaluation of the Valdelacierva crianza vineyards.
    The begining of the harvest goes according to plan and it seems quite promising. Extremely balanced with good phenolic maturity due to the balanced load of the bunches. If the weather holds on and there isn’t any last minute scare, it could be a menorable harvest in Rioja.

  • Valdelacierva Grano a Grano and Valdelacierva Garnacha, Singular Vineyard

    Valdelacierva Grano a Grano and Valdelacierva Garnacha wines have entered into the exclusive “Singular Vineyard” club, the new and highest quality category of the D.O.Ca Rioja. The two Top wines from Bodegas Valdelacierva have been selected, along with a small number of other wines, thanks to the uniqueness of their production and origin.

    Valdelacierva Grano a Grano, Finca Cantogordo and Valdelacierva Garnacha, Finca Montepedriza are distinguished as exquisite and artisan wines thanks to its unique environment and limited production.

    With this new achievement, the winemaker Emma Villajos, alma mater of the winery, passionately follows the steps of her philosophy, based on producing wines with the highest quality and Value, always respecting the terroir and the firstborn elements that compose it.

    About the wines “Singular vineyard”

    Valdelacierva Grano a Grano, which was recently named as Revelation Wine 2019 by Vivir el Vino Magazine, was born in Finca Cantogordo in vineyards of over 35 years old and with a yield of just 1,600 kg / ha. The essential characteristic of this limited edition wine of just 1,077 bottles is its thorough production, since its grape has been grained manually, grain by grain, and an aging of 14 months in 500-liter French oak.

    Valdelacierva Garnacha, with a limited production of only 3,100 bottles, has been produced from a manual harvest in drawers at Finca Montepedriza in Tudelilla, in vineyards of over 75 years old and a yield of 2,500 kg / ha. The wine goes through a detailed work that involves 7 months of aging in 500-liter French oak.

  • 12 Linajes Reserva 2014, 93 points and “Editor’s Choice” in Wine Enthusiast.

    The wine 12 Linajes Reserva 2014 has been valued with 93 points, while it has been named “Editor’s Choice” in the September edition of the American magazine Wine Enthusiast, one of the most renowned publications in the wine sector worldwide. The wine from Viñedos and Bodegas Gormaz has been uploaded to the podium as the only one of the D.O. Ribera del Duero to receive such a high score, which reaffirms the excellence and philosophy of the winery, based on respect for the terroir and the handmade production.

    12 Linajes Reserva 2014 was born from a meticulous production, headed by the winemaker María José García, who with the help of a young and dynamic team, creates a wine coming from old vines in the most extreme zone in Ribera del Duero. The limit of its pre-philloxhera vineyard, the microclimates, as well as the altitude and the conditions of the surroundings, give the opportunity to produce wines full of personality, wines from Viñedos and Bodegas Gormaz.

    All the awards of 12 Linajes Reserva:

    • 93 pts + Editor’s Choice – Wine Enthusiast
    • 92 pts- Guía Peñín
    • 90 pts- Wine Spectator
    • 90 pts- James Suckling
  • Viña Gormaz selected by James Suckling

    Viña Gormaz, the wine from Ribera del Duero, Viñedos y Bodegas Gormaz has been chosen by one of the most influential critics in the world of wine in his annual Spanish wine tasting. James Suckling has given 92 points to Viña Gormaz Crianza and 91 points to Viña Gormaz Roble. Viña Gormaz, wine from San Esteban de Gormaz, adds another award and makes noise as 12 Linajes, range that keeps getting prizes and good comments among the experts in the world of wine.

    The excellent job of the winemaker María José García in Viñedos y Bodegas Gormaz has one formula: quality, excellence and teamwork. “In our winery we make an effort so that each bottle has the essence of our vineyards, which are from old vines in Soria, with a complexity not only in terms of its age, quality and richness of the terroirs, but also because of the peculiarity of its great variety of soils and microclimates. This is something we like to put a value on because it is unique in the production of Spanish wines. Every path has been a challenge, but receiving high scores as 93 points in Wine Enthusiast, among “Editor’s Choice” in our 12 Linajes Reserva, motivate us on keep working” declared recently María José about her philosophy in the winery.

  • Bodegas Valdelacierva is “Singular vineyard”.

    Valdelacierva Grano a Grano and Valdelacierva Garnacha belong to the highest category of quality of Rioja wines: “viñedo singular”.

    Two of the wines of the winery are located in the Rioja Top wines where only a small number of wines can be due to the uniqueness that they have in its production and provenance.


    The exclusivity of being a singular vineyard starts in the vineyard, which must have the following characteristics:

    • It can comprise a single or multiple cadastral plots.
    • The minimum age of the vineyard will be 35 years.
    • The maximum production allowed per hectare shall be 5,000 kg/ha for red grapes and 6,922 kg/ha for white varieties and with grape processing yield – wine shall not exceed 65%.
    • Cultivation practices should be geared towards sustainability and respect for the environment. It shall be a balanced vineyard of limited force, in which only a single tinor shall be accepted, except expressly authorised by the Regulatory Council. During the ripening period of the grapes, the growth of the vegetation must be completely paralyzed.
    • The start of the harvest must be communicated to the C.R.
    • The wine will be made with grapes exclusively from plots that constitute the “Singular Vineyard”.
    • The wine will be produced and bottled by natural or legal persons with processing and bottling facilities registered on its ownership in the Designation of Origin Qualified (D.O.Ca) ‘Rioja’, which accredit by any valid legal title in right to dispose in exclusive of the production resulting from the “Singular Vineyard” for a minimum period of 10 years uninterrupted.
    • The production, aging, storage and bottling within the same winery
    • They must overcome compliance with the different requirements established in both the documentary control and the physical control (prior communication from the winery to the Regulatory Council, separate qualification and subsequent verification, traceability, capacity control of all their movements, etc.).
    • The processed wines will be subjected to a double qualitative assessment, the initial qualification and another pre-market valuation, which in the latter case should be excellent in the organoleptic analysis carried out according to the Technical Training for Verification of the “Singular Vineyard”.
    • Regard to labelling, the word “Singular Vineyard” will appear under the name registered as a trademark, with characters of size, thickness and colour equivalent to more than those used to indicate the name of the Rioja Denomination.
    • The term “Singular Vineyard” will be mandatory on all labels that the bottle has been beared, or in all visual fields if it is a continuous label. It will be located immediately below the name of the “Singular Vineyard” registered as a trademark, with characters of size, thickness and color equivalent to maximum those used to indicate the name of the Rioja Denomination.
    • The proprietor of the mark shall submit a declaration of commitment concerning the exclusive use of the trade mark in wines covered by the Qualified Designation of Origin
    • Bottled on request in the case of wines from unique vineyards.
    • The bottles will carry specific counter-labels or sealed, which will include the mention “Singular Vineyard”.
  • 12 Linajes Reserva wins a Silver Medal at Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

    The wine 12 Linajes Reserva 2014, produced by Viñedos y Bodegas Gormaz, has been awarded with a Silver Medal  at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles. The wine has been the only one from Soria awarded at the contest celebrated in Switzerland, where a jury of 300 people have tasted 9.000 wines from all the world.

    With this new award, added to its 94 points and “Editor’s Choice” of the American magazine Wine Enthusiast, as well as other medals and international awards, the winery see the fruits of its commitment to quality wines, coming from the terroir and a prephilloxeric vineyard . The winemaker María José García and the winery’s technical team live their passionate work, by producing wines that reflect excellence, respect for the terroir, the old vines and a limited and handcrafted production. Furthermore, everything adds up to this winery. The location so close to the vineyard, the altitude and the weather conditions so variable between day and night, the winery continue working in the line of making the best Tempranillo wines.

  • Tim Atkin and Hispanobodegas at London Wine Fair

    We are very happy with the visit of Tim Atkin at our stand in London Wine.

    That thumb up made our day after the wine tasting of our wines 12 Linajes, Finca los Arenales and Anier.

    Thanks a lot for your kindness and for tasting our wines from Ribera del Duero.

  • Valdelacierva Garnacha- Fuera de Serie

    The luxury supplement of the economic newspaper Expansión, Fuera de Serie, turns 20 years and celebrates it by publishing a report about the best wines for a summer night. Our Valdelacierva Garnacha from Rioja (Bodegas Valdelacierva) has been selected for a picnic experience. Such an excellent suggestion!

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