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  • Mundus Vini gives its biggest award to Valdelacierva Crianza 2013.

    This charismatic Rioja is elaborated by Bodegas Valdelacierva with red grapes from the Rioja Alavesa, with a careful selection of the fruit during the manual harvest and a production that is always looking for the highest quality. These are the reasons why Valdelacierva Crianza has not gone unnoticed by the tasters of the contest.

    Mundus Vini, has been converted from a few years ago in one of the most prestigious competitions in the wine sector at the global level. During two weeks, around 180 renowned international tasters, valued more than 6,000 wines from all over the world.

    But the GRAND GOLD to Valdelacierva Crianza 2013 has not been the only important recognition that has received the group by the German competition, which has also awarded a GOLD to AlfarReserva Limited Edition 2011, from the same Rioja winery, and 12 Linajes Roble 2014, in this case, from Viñedos y Bodegas Gormaz belonging, D.O. Ribera del Duero.

    With these awards, Hispanobodegas strengthens its position within the best Spanish wineries with wines of outstanding quality.

  • D.O.5 Hispanobodegas will be present at the Prowein fair

    The last years, Prowein has convened almost 5,000 exhibitors from around 50 countries and with an attendance of 50,000 visitors from more than 100 different countries, these figures are those that make this fair an event practically inescapable.

    Of course, D.O.5 Hispanobodegas, will be present one more year to the event to present their wines from three of the best Spanish DO´s: Ribera del Duero, Rioja and Rueda. Located at the stand C191 of the hall 10 of the Spain pavilion, Hispanobodegas will submit all its ranges of wines in all their varieties and in the case of some of them will be with different vintages to be able to reflect the excellent trajectory of recent years.

  • Repsol Guide 2016: New recognitions

    The Repsol Guide is the greatest Spanish reference in travel, tourism and gastronomy issues, and devotes ample space to appreciate the wines of our country. With 3,730 wines evaluated, its critics are characterized by their high standards when granting their scores.

    The scores of Hispanobodegas wines correspond to “OUTSTANDING WINES” :

    . Rioja Valdelacierva Crianza: 91 points . (This is the first time that this wine is valued by this guide).
    Rueda Señorío de Garci Grande Verdejo: 91 points.
    . Ribera del Duero 12 Linajes Crianza: 90 points.
    . Ribera del Duero 12 Linajes Reserva: 90 points.



    This guide, coordinated by the sommelier Raul Serrano, includes a selection of wines for each day of the year. It is an honor for us to tell that 2 of our wines have been selected in this exclusive selection of 365 wines among potential thousands.

    . Ribera del Duero 12 Linajes Reserva: 91 points .
    . Rueda AnierVaerdejo Vendimia Seleccionada: 90 points .

  • Achieving excellence through Wine Enthusiast

    12 LinajesReserva 2009 and AnierVendimiaSeleccionada 2012 have been the wines awarded. The score of 92 in the Wine Enthusiast´s glossary corresponds with an Excellent Wine. It is the first time that this publication rates these 2 wines, so we could hardly imagine such a spectacular premiere (like a dream that came true).

    During 2015 Wine Enthusiast valued 1,088 Spanish wines, and only 118 (10%) were rated with scores of 92+. Of these 118, only 23 are located in price ranges below $ 36. In that strip it would be located our Ribera del Duero 12 LinajesReserva.

    Step by step, thanks to awards like these, our wines are placing on reference positions in the preferences of distributors, retailers, restaurants and consumers in the competitive American market, which gives us more and more space on their shelves and menus.

    These scores will be published in February 2016.

  • Peñín Guide 2016: Hispanobodegas: ONE STEP BEYOND

    In this edition of the Penin Guide wines of Hispanobodegas confirmed a new climbing after three years having obtained outstanding scores. This year the wine group has not submitted 3 of its top wines (Anier VS, VS AlfarAlfarReserva, which last year were rated with 94-92 and 91 points respectively) because this year has not been fulfilled the premise for the making of these wines: “There are only produced in extraordinary good vintages.”

    Therefore, if we leave out this, the scores of Hispanobodegas wines have meant a new record, surpassing the excellent results of the previous edition, with three wines added to the “club of 90” in this edition.

    Number of wines tasted in 2015 Peñin Guide: 11,200

    Hispanobodegas wines scoring:

    93 points:
    . Ribera del Duero 12 LinajesReserva 2010
    92 points:
    . Rueda Anier Verdejo 2014 Vendimia Seleccionada

    91 points:
    . Ribera del Duero 12 Linajes Crianza 2012
    . Ribera del Duero Viña Gormaz Crianza 2012

    90 points:
    . Valdelacierva Rioja Crianza 2012
    . Rueda 12 linajes Verdejo 2014
    . Rueda Señorío de Garci Grande Verdejo 2014
    . Ribera del Duero Catania Crianza 2012
    . Ribera del Duero 12 Linajes Roble 2013
    (first time that this wine reaches this score, being positioned in first line in the context of the “Roble wines”(aged for less than 12 months) from D.O. Ribera del Duero.

    Besides highlighting individual scores, we want to give proof of the consistency and uniformity in valuations between wines of the three wineries where the group produces (D.O,ca Rioja, D.O.Ribera del Duero and D.O. Rueda), what reaffirms the group’s philosophy preserving the unique personality of each winery and its terroir, but implementing uniform values and methodology based on the group´s “innovation push” and a solid teamwork approach.

    “We continue our path undertaken with determination and consistency. We are happy but not relaxed. We still have much room to improve and that´s what we’re going to keep on making.” They say in the Group…


    THE PEÑÍN GUIDE IS THE MAXIMUM POINT OF REFERENCE FOR THE SPANISH WINE INDUSTRY. It began its journey in 1990 with its first guide in which 3,000 wines were tasted. 25 years later, the guide reflects the ratings and reviews of over 11,000 Spanish wines of the 69 Protected Designation of Origin and other wines (“Vinos de la Tierra”, and even some renowned “table wines”). With all its experience of 25 years and the number of wines tasted (spending 180 days a year to this work), the Peñín Guide is undoubtedly the most complete existing guide for Spanish wines in the world and the best chronicle available about Spanish wine in the last quarter century.

    Taking into account that Spain alternates among the top three wine producing countries – far from fourth in the ranking (USA)-, it is logical to assert that this guide must be taken into account as a world reference not only by Spanish users, but anyone in the world who be interested in knowing the reality of Spanish wines.

  • JANCIS ROBINSON discovers Hispanobodegas wines

    The publication www.jancisrobinson.com is considered the most influential and decisive in the wine sector in the UK – perhaps beside Decanter- and between the most worldwide (next to Wine Spectator, Parker, Wine Enthusiast, Tanzer, Weinwirstchaft …). Its leader, Jancis Robinson, was described by Decanter magazine as ‘the most respected wine critic and journalist in the world’.

    Therefore, that our wines could be evaluated by this publication became one of our goals, but at the same time we could not avoid to be a “little scared” taking into account that the opinions of this publication have decisive influence on the perception of quality and the making purchasing decisions of the trade and consumers, especially in the UK.

    With the previous approval of the publication, we sent the requested samples (only from wines available for sale in the UK), and, after a month of waiting, this is what happened:

    Our 4 winestastedwere12 Linajes Reserva 2009, Catania Crianza 2012 (both Ribera del Duero), Valdelacierva Rioja Crianza 2012 and Rueda Verdejo Señorío de Garci Grande 2014 .

    All wines got 16.5 POINTS!, which in the glossary of the magazine correspond with the SUPERIOR category, equivalent to have obtained 91-92 points in a system based on 100-point scale (used by publications like Parker, Wine Spectator or the Peñin Guide, among others).

    These scores get enhance the value of our wines in the worldwide wine sector, especially in the UK, and still more if we establish comparisons with the rest of Spanish wines assessed during 2015: The criteria that jancisrobinson.com takes into account to decide the wines for evaluating do not include to rate wines massively, not even all samples they receive, but only wines choosen after a rigourous selection. The proof is that among the 391 Spanish wines tasted between January and August this year, the vast majority are High Level wines (“Reserva, Gran Reserva, “Selected vines”, “Author wines” etc.) and, in general, high-end pricing, well above those of Hispanobodegas, which in this sense are unbeatable in the list.

  • WAWWJ 2015 RANKING: Hispanobodegas and its wines among the first 100 in a worldwide ranking

    Even though this ranking will be not definitive until January 2016, the competition is very advanced, so we want to share the Hispanobodegas and its wines current results.

    WORLDWIDE COMPANIES Ranking: DO5 Hispanobodegas: 66 position.

    NATIONAL COMPANIES Ranking: D.O.5 Hispanobodegas: 11 position.

    WORLDWIDE WINES Ranking: Anier Vendimia seleccionada Ribera del Duero: 98 position.12 LinajesVerdejo: 103 position.

    WORLDWIDE VERDEJO VARIETY WINES Ranking: 12 LinajesVerdejo: FIRST (1ª) position.

    WORLDWIDE TEMPRANILLO VARIETY WINES Ranking: Anier Vendimia seleccionada Ribera del Duero: 4 position.

    NATIONAL WINES Ranking: 5 wines of D.O.5 Hispanobodegasamongthefirst 100: Anier Vendimia Seleccionada 2012 (10), 12 Linajes Verdejo 2013 (11), Alfar Reserva 2009 65, Catania Crianza 2011 69) and 12 Linajes Crianza (84).

    Being among the 100 best worldwide rated wineries and the 103 best rated wines is a dream come true that we could not imagine some years ago. Looking at our country, it is a big pride to say that we are in the lead group with 5 wines among the first 100, considering that 821 wineries and 2762 wines has been rated.

    Besides, Anier Vendimia Seleccionada and 12 Linajes Verdejo, have been awarded with the “Wine of the year” distinction, an honor given by the association to the wines rated with 125 points or more (Anier currently has obtained 128,25 and 12 Linajesverdejo 126,5).

    As a clarification for the people who do not know this competition, say that this association does not judge, but compiles the awards obtained by all the wines from the whole world in the 75 most recognised contests (according to the objective requirements of control, quality and clarity in its methods and results), and rating them mixing 2 guidelines: medal obtained X (multiplied) contest valuation, so that´s why the scores depends on the medal category and the contest valuation.

    Finally, all the wine marks obtained in every contests are added and the wine settled in the ranking.


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  • Hispanobodegas, Present at Sonorama Festival 2015

    People come to the festival from all parts of Spain and from abroad to enjoy almost 100 GROUPS! of different styles and the acts carried out by the organization of the festival, which, as in years above, has the support of the Regulatory Council of the DO Ribera del Duero that performs different activities around the world of wine. Hispanobodegas will take part of them with some of its wines from its Ribera del Duero winery: VIÑA GORMAZ JOVEN and 12 LINAJES ROBLE, wines that marry perfectly with the philosophy of this festival.

    With this activity, Hispanobodegas intends to continue its approach to youngest and dynamic audience, and demonstrate that wine can harmonize perfectly with this type of activities, to which until not long ago “it was not taken into account.”




  • Honors that recognize the Hispanobodegas Wines quality

    In a domestic environment with more than 4.000 wineries and countless number of brands (just Peñín Guide reviewed more than 10.808 references), and in an international context where only 7% of exports correspond to bottled wine from Spain, the task to stimulate the curiosity of potencial customers and consumers and show them the quality of the wines produced by a winery is too complicated. The wine market is enormously complex and difficult because of its fragmentation, and most wineries lack of the tools to launch large campaigns and other actions that might enable the desired penetration.

    Much to gain:

    Hispanobodegas underwent a major restructuring in 2009 which marked a radical shift in its wine-making approaches: everything turned “inside out”, from the approach of the vineyard, selection and winemaking criteria, to the production and aging processes, accompanied investments in staff, facilities and new oaks, all with the aim of starting the way to place our wines as a quality reference.

    But… How to check that we were in the right way? and, above all, how to explain it to clients and consumers? One of the main activities we took on to assess our trajectory and positioning was to submit to the opinion of the critics through contests and guides. Contests recognized and guaranteed and guides whose tasters were prestigious and renowned.

    The result:

    2012 was the year when we decided that our wines were ready to compete. With the time after the restructuring enough for vintages will experience changes in the selection of the vineyard, improvements in wine-making processes and the effects of new oaks.

    And the results of the periods 2012-2014 (3 vintages) recognize our efforts and confirmed the quality of our wines doubtlessly: The trajectory shows scores on the high side, upline and with great consistency. The same vintages in various guides and competitions, also show great consistency.

    We are so proud! We have earned it with effort and tenacity: In three years, 59 vintages valued with 90 or more points in national and international guides and 19 gold medals in three of the top rated European competitions among international 45 most recognized.

    These facts, by comparison, clearly places us at the top of the wine sector in terms of recognized quality.

    It is a really pleasure to have the chance to show our trayectory!



  • RRR Route. Next Destination: Guipúzcoa.


    RRR refers to the three Designations of Origin which represent the three main wines on our route: Ribera del Duero, Rioja and Rueda. Visitors to the establishments included on each route can enjoy our Ribera 12 Linajes Crianza, Rioja Valdelacierva Crianza and/or Rueda Señorío de Garci Grande Verdejo while they are thinking about which prize to choose.

    Through an easy voucher exchange (the waiter will give customers one voucher per drink-2 vouchers in the case of 12 Linajes), wine lovers can opt to take home (or share with their friends on the premises) a bottle of the wine that they have tasted, or if they prefer they can choose another wine to broaden their tasting experience.

    The exchange process is both easy and generous: in exchange for 10 vouchers you get a bottle of Señorío de Garci Grande Verdejo, for 15 you get a bottle of 12 Linajes Crianza and in exchange for 25 you get a Magnum bottle (1.5 litres) of Valdelacierva.

    This is an excellent chance for sharing a unique special moment while playing at winning a prize and, of course, enjoying and discovering (for those new to the experience) the delight of tasting these three wines that we have selected for the occasion.

    We are looking forward to the commencement of our route that has been designed to award the loyalty shown towards our brands on behalf of establishments along the way, and to promote the tasting of our products: for wine lovers, for those already familiar with our wines and those who have not yet had the opportunity to discover them.

    Guipúzcoa is the second destination on our route, which starts in Alicante and which will continue through different parts of Spain. For the duration of the promotion (19th June – 19th July) we will have other surprises for the enjoyment of clients who decide to visit the places involved in the promotion. Be sure to check them out in our social media.

    We hope you will enjoy the experience.

    The following are the establishments taking part in the promotion:

    Intxaurrondo Area:





    Lasarte Area










  • Students from CESINE visit the offices of D.O. 5 Hispanobodegas in China

    Guandong, 9th March 2015. Executive MBA Students of the University Center CESINE, located in Santander, Cantabria, have moved to China to learn about the particularities of the Asian market. The city that was chosen for the visit was Guanzhou, in the province of Guandong, located in southern China. For one week these students will have the opportunity to visit factories, companies, markets and different entities.

    We have had the chance to show our facilities in China and to share with them our own experience, emphasizing how our team of professionals from both continents works and the most significant cultural differences in business relationships, providing information about the wine industry in China with the particularities that we know so well after our presence in this country since 2011.

    We wish the best to each of them, happy to have done our bit to their learning about business, management and economics in such an interesting country for the Spanish companies like China.

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