• Wine Spectator discovers Valdelacierva

    Wine Spectator is one of the most valued publications by influencial professionals and consumers of wine in the United States. Its system is the blind tasting (do not know the wine and the brand at the time of being tasted) and it is unanimously worldwide recognized as one of the most reliable publications and extremely demanding of the industry.

    The 91 points obtained put this wine in privileged positions in the list, within 20% of the best Spanish red wines rated in the past 12 months, with the added value that is in the first place (along with another 6 ) in value for money of Spanish wines in its price category (PVP wines 1-20 $), and included in the list (8th position) of “Top values all red wines 20$ or less” considering all the wines worldwide.

    Tasting note:

    Rich and seamless, this red delivers plum, licorice, cedar and smoky flavors over firm, well-integrated tannins. Rather monolithic now, but displays density and harmony. Drink now through 2025. Tasted twice, with consistent notes. 5,000 cases made. (Feb 28, 2015)

    Besides this Rioja, one of the wines of Hispanobodegas that this publication has highlighted is Catania Crianza 2011, one “Ribera del Duero” of $ 16 PVP in USA that has been rated with 89 points in November issue and has been expressly recomended in a list with the title “16 affordable wines from Spain” with the comment “Spain offers a fount of delicious wines, especially reds, at reasonable prices”.

    With these ratings, wines of Hispanobodegas successfully continue its path of recognition in the demanding American market, and therefore in the global wine industry: “Quality as our only objective”, the premise that the group decided as a goal in 2009, and it remains as our main goal.


  • Anier Vendimia Seleccionada 2012 makes itself a space the “Guide of the best non-perishable foods and drinks from Spain”

    This guide draws a map of the finest non-perishable products of Spanish cuisine. It presents a selection of the excellent food items with which to discover and enjoy Spain’s invaluable culinary jewels. The products are divided into eight categories: fish and shellfish conserves, vegetable conserves, Iberian pork products and other cold meats, cheese and dairy products, oils, wines and other drinks and miscellaneous food items. This guide offers insight into the non-perishable products of the highest quality that best represent Spanish cuisine.

    Doubtlessly Anier 2012 , rated with 93 points has been the featured wine of the group in this edition of the Repsol Guide, but the other wines of the group have also been at the height, in this case in section Wines and Wineries of the Repsol Guide 2015:

    93 points:
    Ribera del Duero AnierVendimiaSeleccionada 2012

    91 points:
    Rioja AlfarVendimiaSeleccionada 2012
    Rueda VerdejoAnierVendimiaSeleccionada 2013
    Rueda Señorío de Garci Grande Verdejo 2013
    Rueda 12 LinajesVerdejo 2013

    90 points:
    Ribera del Duero 12 LinajesReserva 2009

    In total, 6 wines rated with 90+ points: Vintage after vintage, day by day, the group Hispanobodegas improves, complying word by word what was promised himself and consumers a day of 2009: Quality as single target.

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    Guide of the best…How was it created

  • Peñín Guide 2015: Wines from Hispanobodegas are exceeded in this edition

    Currently, no one can say that it is a casuality that the wines of Hispanobodegas have been placed on 3 years in the highest part of the top quality “winemaking”. 2 Years ago advertised with great satisfaction that 6 of their wines had been punctuated with 90 or more points in the 2013 edition of the Guide (93-92 -91-90 -90-90), and today we can say that they have left behind that awaited goal with 9 wines that achieve the scale, with the added that 7 of them exceed 90 points.

    Harvest by harvest, day by day, the group Hispanobodegas improves, complying word by word what was promised to himself and consumers one day in 2009: Quality as its only objective.

    Serve this as encouragement to continue with the path taken, being aware that there is still a long way to cover. “We do not wish to stop here”, “our desired business and quality model, is even higher. We know that with the time, improving will be more difficult and in our next stair there are wineries and wines with very long history and excellent bases that have taken many years to reach the summit; our group is young, but we learned a lot during these years and we will continue in the same way.”

    Winestasted in the Peñín Guide 2015: 10.808

    Average Score: 87,8

    Hispanobodegas wines scoring:

    94 points:
    Ribera del Duero Anier 2012 Vendimia Seleccionada

    93 points:
    Ribera del Duero 12 Linajes Reserva 2009

    92 points:
    Rioja Alfar reserva 2009 Edición Limitada
    Rueda Anier Verdejo 2013 Vendimia Seleccionada

    91 points:
    Rioja Alfar 2012 Vendimia Seleccionada
    Ribera del Duero Viña Gormaz Crianza 2011
    Ribera del Duero Catania Crianza 2011

    90 points:
    Rioja Valdelacierva Crianza 2011
    Ribera del Duero 12 Linajes Crianza 2011

  • The wines of Hispanobodegas achieved a crushing success at Mundus Vini

    The three wineries belonging to the Group, assigned respectively to the Appellations Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Rueda achieved gold medals at Mundus Vini International Competition, which is considered one of the most prestigious wine competitions throughout the world. This contest is valued by the World Association of Wine Writers and Journalists (WAWWJ) with 8 points in the ranking, above other prestigious as Decanter, IWC or ConcoursMondial of Bruxelles.

    160 tasters from 38 countries assessed nearly 5,000 wines, having been awarded all the wines presented by Hispanobodegas (4 gold and 4 silver).

    These are the “gold wines”: AlfarReserva 2009 and Valdelacierva Crianza 2011 from D.O.Ca Rioja, AnierVendimiaSeleccionada 2010, belonging to Ribera del Duero Appellation and 12 LinajesVerdejo 2013, related to Rueda Appellation.

    These awards obtained by Hispanobodegas confirm its position in the top of the “winemaking quality”, and certainly one of the role models in the industry in relation to the combination of recognized quality / price offered. In 2013 the scores of the wines placed the Group in the 14th position in the WAWWJ ranking of Spanish Wineries and in the 81th worldwide.


  • Hispanobodegas, guest of honor at the fourth International Wine Festival San Luis Potosi in Mexico

    This festival is considered one of the top three in Mexico devoted to spread the culture of wine. In this edition, visitors had the opportunity to know deep the products of prestigious wineries from Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Argentina and Chile, among others…

    Over 3,000 attendees gathered at the Center for the Arts of San Luis Potosi to enjoy the very complete range of activities programmed: conferences, workshops, tastings, lunch and dinner pairings, area “Tasting wine” contests …

    Wineries belonging to D.O.5 Hispanobodegas´Group were guests of honor at the event and were protagonists of a wine workshop and a wine- pairing dinner that attracted huge interest among participants, greatly satisfied with the quality of the wines presented and the didactic explanations about processing and tasting given by Juan Antonio Ramirez , Commercial Director of the Group.

    We would like to thank Don Alejandro Espinosa , the event´s coordinator and main architect of our presence there, Don Pedro Poncelis , reputed Mexican somellier, for his priceless contribution, the State authorities who promoted and presented the event, and especially to all visitors who honored us to share with them our experience.

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    SLP Festival

  • The Wines of Hispanobodegas triumph at the World wide Contest of Brussels 2014

    Added to these important awards, three silver medals have been obtained by 12 Linajes Crianza 2011 and Catania Crianza 2011, both of the D.O Ribera del Duero, and by our white D. O.RuedaAnierVerdejo 2013. An excellent harvest of awards that adds to the recognition that the international markets have been given to the wines of Hispanobodegas harvest by harvest for a long time.

    In total, 8.060 wines have been tasted from 41 different countries that have competed in Brussels (Belgium) on the 2nd, 3th and 4th of May, before a selection of the best wine-tasters in the whole world: Sommeliers, buyers, importers, journalists and writers of wine. In total 310 wine tasters from 40 different nationalities.

    Only 2,330 of the 8.060 wines subjected to competition have obtained medal, 733 have been GOLD, being 150 achieved by Spanish wines, and of these, 22 have been matched to wines of Ribera del Duero and 6 to the D. O. Rueda, among which are our two gold medals.


  • Señorío de Garci Grande Sauvignon Blanc 2013, GOLD MEDAL V Concours Mondial Du Sauvignon 2014

    Only 69 wines of the 751 tasted have obtained GOLD medal. Only 7 have been elected from Spain, and among them, 4 from the Rueda Apellation, including our Señorío de Garci Grande Sauvignon.

    This contest aims to promote and publicize the wealth and the diversity of the Sauvignon wines of the world. This variety, with origins in the upper Loire and Bordeaux, was adopted in Spain in 1960, and it is cultivated primarily in areas of Castilla-León and Catalonia. In the Castilla y León Region, this grape gives the wine aromas and flavors of tropical fruit (grapefruit, peach, passion fruit…), combining very well with the verdejo grapes variety and increasing its complexity with its aging in the barrel.

    Señorío de Garci Grande Sauvignon is possibly one of the wines with the best relationship quality-price among the laureates: “Aromas of tropical fruits (pineapple, passion fruit, grapefruit, mango) of marked varietal character.Complex, fine and elegant in the mouth, highlighting its roundness and smoothness. ” and a price (below 5 euros ex work) unbeatable in its category of quality.

  • 12 Linajes Verdejo 2013, GOLD Medal in the 12th edition of the International Bacchus Wine Awards

    Only 138 wines from more of the 1,500 wines that have been tasted, have deserved this distinction. Our 12 Linajes Verdejo 2013 has been one of them, being one of the ten wines from the D.O. Rueda that have deserved this distinction.

    12 LinajesVerdejo it is probably one of the wines with the best value for money among the wines awarded: “Pleasant and delicate entry, balanced and rounded, gliceric and persistent”, and with a price (around 5 € retail price) unbeatable in its quality category.

    The International Bacchuss awards have an enormous international prestige, with the support of the Organization Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin (O.I.V.) and the VINOFED federation, requires strict rules that are rigorously applied, guaranteeing credibility not only for the contest results but also to the mentions that get the wines.

  • As a prelude to Prowein the prestigious German magazine Weinwirtschaft has published an extensive article of Hispanobodegas and its wines.

    Under the title “the logical of the Premium concept”, it focus in the excellent value per money of the full range of it’s products and the recognition obtained from the wine experts and the international guides and contests. It also remarks the important efforts done by Hispanobodegas towards the internationalization in the last few years.

    The article continues describing the particularities of the areas and the different wineries where the wines are produced:

    Under the title “Plants in the high lands of Ribera del Duero”, remarks the quality of the estates where the grapes, which are used for the wines of it’s winery in Ribera del Duero (Viñedos y Bodegas Gormaz) are growed, it’s altitudes, orientations and the high vineyard age (“a real treasure of old vineyards”)Anier and 12 Linajes are remarked as their most representative brands.

    The wines from the D.O. Rueda, produced at Bodegas Garci Grande, are described under the header “Premium verdejos in the heart of the D.O. Rueda”, where there are described the principal characteristics and differences which make the prestigious wines of this winery recognizable, being Anier, 12 Linajes and Señorio de Garci Grande a reference as the best verdejos in the area.

    “Rioja wines remarkables in the D.O. of the famous Ebro”: the article finishes describing the elaboration and aging process of the winery from La Rioja, Valdelacierva, remarking the quality of it’s vines located in between La Rioja Alta and la Rioja Alavesa, and the careful aging processes with quality oaks that the winemaker Emma Villajos uses for the most representatives wines, AlfarVendimiaSeleccionada and Reserva and Valdelacierva Crianza.

    We are willing to share all these contents (and of course our wines) alive in Prowein, where we will be between on 23, 24 and 25 of March in the Hall 4 stand C-29.

  • Señorío de Garci Grande renewsit’simage

    In D.O. 5 Hispanobodegas we are very conscious of the importance of the label that should reflect the character of the wine that it represents, that is why we decided that it was the time to actualize the image of our wine Señorio de GarciGrande, with a new label that could reflect the youth and the freshness of these wines, but considering their correct balance and elegance. In this sense we created this new image, which will dress from now on the bottles that contain one of the best ranges of white wines and that are already in the market with the new vintage 2013.

  • Wines of D.O.5 Hispanobodegas enter in the group of the best wines of Spain

    This “salon” that took place on October the 10th, was focused only on those wines with 93 or more points in this prestigious guide. Only 160 wineries (from the more of 4.000 registered in our country) and 400 wines (from more than 10.200 tasted) had the honor of being represented at the event.

    Though this means a milestone in the trajectory of our group, the real notice are the excellent results obtained by the wines of D.O.5 Hispanobodegas in this year´s guide: 11 of our wines have been rated with 90 points or more and 5 of them have exceeded 90 points. All these ratings have been obtained in the three D.O.’s that our group represents and in the different ranges commercialized, going from the “premium” ranges to the value for money ones:

    – The three crianzas 2010 from Ribera del Duero: 12 Linajes, Viña Gormaz (90 points) and Catania (91 points), and also the references already mentioned Anier (94) and 12 LinajesReserva (93).

    – The three wines presented form the D.O. Rueda: Anier (92 points), 12 Linajes (90 points) and Señorio de Garci Grande (90 points), all of them produced with the grape variety verdejo from the 2012 vintage.

    – Three wines of our winery in La Rioja: Valdelacierva Crianza 2010 and Alfar 2011 Vendimia Seleccionada both with 90 points and this year’s novelty, Alfar white, fermented in barrel, which has obtained 91 points.

    Definitely the wines of D.O. 5 Hispanobodegas are among the best wines of Spain with the added value of its excellent value per money.


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