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Sorian wines from Gormaz wineries and vineyards

Vineyards and Bodegas Gormaz the winery of Ribera del Duero of the Group Hispanobodegas present their wines as ideal foods for the consumption of the vegans. Can Vegans Drink Wine? To know the answer first you have to know more about them.

* The name “vegano” comes from the anglisian “vegan” created from the “veganian”

* November 1 is the World Vegan Day

* In their diet, vegans are strictly vegetarian and completely exclude any animal products.

* Regarding their clothing, they totally reject their clothing or footwear made from fabrics of animal origin.

* Avoid any product tested on animals, not on animal experiments.

* They reject the shows in which animals are used as entertainment .

* Do not confuse veganism with environmentalism. They are two different movements. Veganism is concerned with each individual animal and its interests, while environmentalism is concerned with the conservation of species in general (both animal and vegetable)

* Wines, like other foods, at some point in their preparation use gelatins or products of animal origin, for example, for the grapefruit. The wines of hispanobodegas D.O.5 and concretely of wineries and vineyards Gormaz (Ribera del duero) are apt to be drunk by the vegans and do not use in their process of elaboration and wine raising no product of animal origin.


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